Commission Information (Second Life)


Starting at 2200L for head + body + 1 additional small part (arm / leg textures included if the body has them separate)
ALMOST All bodies accepted
+ 600L per each extra detailed part (e.g. large wings, some tails)
+ 250L per each extra small part (e.g. tail, ears, eyes)
+ 1000L for complex markings / details (good reference is required for complex markings)
+ 1000L for normal map + shine map

Misc texture/skin work – 1750L / hr (this kind of work is often done on the spot or via streams)

If you allow me to sell the mesh I made for you in my shop (GENERAL skins only — e.g. a species) (c/m) – 30% off


Starting at 2000L

Hourly work – 2000/hr

Flat Rate –
Rigged Mesh Clothing – 8000L
Unrigged ears/tails/props – 4000L
Bento rigged tails & ears (does not include animations) – 6000 – 8000L depending on complexity

License Options
If you allow me to sell the mesh I made for you in my shop (c/m) – 30% off
Personal license (c/m) – full price
Full perm (c/m/t) – 2x price

Bodies I rig for:
– Kemono (clothes, no body mods)
– Puchimono (clothes and body mods)
– Pookie (clothes and body mods)
– Snaggletooth Kobold
– TenFaced’s Toon Body
– Bad Seed Bebe (clothes and body mods)
– Tweenster (clothes and body mods)
– NAM (simple accessories only due to dev kit limitations)

– Bento Lizard Female


Once a commission is finished, and the final product accepted, no more revisions can be made unless you pay me for my time. You may always ask for revisions (please do!) while the commission is in progress!

I retain the right to decline any and all commissions for any reason.