My Online Persona

In most virtual worlds you will see me as Vinny, a mischievous goat/rat fusion who is often wearing magician gear. The image above is how I appear in Second Life.

The image below is how I appear in High Fidelity.

Part of his character is my personality, but also some exaggerated traits. Vinny represents the cheerful childishness that I hope to represent in my interactions with others in virtual worlds. His magical abilities are a representation of my drive to create.

Mold is the name you’ll see me go by around the net. Although it may seem like a strange name, it actually has a lot of meaning to me. I see the process of something molding (or moulding, for non American-English readers) as a constructive and destructive process. Fermentation causes something to change form, shape, color, and gives off heat, with mold as the byproduct. Digitally, if an image or video is shared via social media multiple times, it tends to gain artifacts and lose detail over time. These digital glitches are something I see as a  form of digital mold, which is an inspiration for much of the art that I make.

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